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About Us


Meet the Founder


Calvin A. Callahan, II (He | Him | His)
Founder & Chief People Officer

For more than a decade, Calvin has been a strategic business partner guiding programs, practices and policies related to people management. He has led initiatives for talent management and succession planning, strategic workforce planning, and internship programs. Calvin has led teams in South America, Europe and Asia. He is skilled in advising stakeholders in people management for employee segments ranging from union represented to senior leadership. Calvin has been responsible for developing and executing strategic priorities from employee experience and engagement to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).


Calvin holds a master’s in human resources management from the University of Richmond and a bachelor’s in business administration and management from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Calvin began Chartwood Consulting to focus on three pillars: Partnership, Experience, and Culture. Chartwood is built on developing strong client relationships and pushing organizations to develop strong customer experiences through world class employee experiences. Calvin believes that the traditional human resource experience is flawed and doesn't represent the future of work.


With each client, our first objective is to understand how the company succeeds. What is the vision and mission and how that aligns with the day-to-day operations of the organization. We embrace technology and its ability to give employees a customer centric experience. Most importantly, we stay focused on people.



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