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Strategic Workforce Planning


Playbook for the Future

The world is changing - fast. There is not enough supply for the global talent needs, shifts in demographics, new technologies are disrupting 100-year-old industries, and a new workforce that is demanding to be treated like humans. Chartwood Consulting is prepared to develop a long-range plan that anticipates disruption and provides detailed guidance on how to mitigate risk in achieving growth objectives.

IDEA Building

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility is not just about seeing people as humans and creating a sense of belonging, but it is the true competitive advantage for organizational growth. We can help you develop a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy that aligns with the top business drivers and is supported by a long-range roadmap of supportive programming.


Strategic Workforce Planning

This is where planning, forecasting, foresight and imagination come together. The result is a greater than three-year plan for all stages of the employee lifecycle. Identified gaps between current and future state will be addressed through stakeholder action planning. When those internal and external environmental shifts take place, rest assured that you will have a guide to navigate the uncertainty.    

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